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    The inclusion of Language standards in their own strand should not be taken as an indication that skills related to conventions, effective language use, and vocabulary are unimportant to reading, writing, speaking, and listening; indeed, they are inseparable from such contexts.

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    Conduct a class discussionto help students comprehend the text.
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    The parents of a student eligible for special education must be afforded an opportunity to participate in meetings with respect to the identification, evaluation, educational placement and the provision of FAPE to the student.

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    Charlie is a blind mouse, in the dark, continually threatened by his mother but still continually drawn to her.
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    His passionate speech gives Charlie some comfort and confidence in the care he will receive at Warren when his time comes. The information shall thereafter be destroyed at the request of the parent or adult student. If you tell it to me, then it must be the truth. Ora Matushansky, in MITWPL, Vol.

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