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Running Races in Rochester MN

Running has been a popular sport for as long as anyone can remember. Some people like to run to relieve stress, some do it to stay in shape and for other health benefits, and some do it in order to help other people. In Rochester, MN, there are a number of races offered throughout the […]


Green colored vegetables like the Wheat grass, Spirulina,blue green algae, sea weeds, happens to be fall under our “not -so- favorite list” but these vegetables are packed with the required vitamins, minerals and the much required oxygenating pigment (Chlorophyll) which is needful for the human body’s blood circulation. GET GREENS EVERY DAY You can opt […]

Revlon Makeup: Leading The Cosmetic Industry

Revlon makeup is an American cosmetics company that produces cosmetics, fragrance, skin care, and other personal care products. Revlon has become a household name in cosmetics, skin care, and fragrances the world over. The Revlon company was founded in 1932 in the midst of the Great Depression by Charles Revson, his brother, and a chemist […]

Healthcare in the UK – An Overview

Healthcare IT infrastructure varies widely in developed countries, as indeed does the organisation and funding of various health services. Overall, developing countries have populations that are ageing and becoming more demanding. This, coupled with technological progress, pushes up operational costs faster than the general growth in prices or even incomes. The resulting cost-control pressures are […]

Why Asbestos is Killing American Workers

We all heard of Absestos and the horrible consequences it has in our health. Asbestosis is “a form of lung disease (pneumoconiosis)” which causes interstitial fibrosis or scarring of the lungs. Asbestosis is progressive and, for the most part, irreversible. Respiratory impairment worsens with time, even if exposure to asbestos has ceased. Asbestosis is usually […]

Chiropractic Care: Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Excessive weight is linked with many health diseases like cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, diabetes, colon cancer, and gall bladder disease. Obesity can also make an individual feel embarrass, uncomfortable and may experience low self esteem. The cause of this weight gain can be because of excessive food intake and physical strain. There are also internal […]

How Does Dysphagia Effect Us

Dysphagia is a word that sounds rather complicated; however, the explanation is fairly simple. Dysphagia is the medical terminology for difficulty swallowing, and in some cases people also experience pain when swallowing. In extreme cases, people may reach the point where they cannot swallow anything at all, which makes it nearly impossible for them to […]

The Importance of Protein in Diabetes Care

There are two kinds of diabetes: Type I and Type II. Type I diabetes is technically an autoimmune disease, with the body’s immune system attacking its own pancreas, leading to a need for insulin injections. Type I diabetes typically begins in childhood and accounts for between 5 and 10% of all cases of diabetes. (Source: […]

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