Surviving Breast Cancer Charlotte

Getting a diagnosis like breast cancer Charlotte is not a very easy thing to hear, but after you get over the initial shock you may find out that there have been a lot of women (and men) that have survived this type of cancer. Gary Frenette is a doctor who has built a site in which he talks about all the types of cancer that exist and about all the treatments so that you can be fully informed about everything pertaining to your situation and so that you can win your battle with cancer.

Breast cancer Charlotte is a disease that occurs most frequently in women, but that does not mean that there have not been some men diagnosed with this type of cancer. This type of cancer is fairly common in the United States, with approximately 180.000 new cases diagnosed each year. In order to understand what you will be facing, Gary Frenette wrote an article on his website in which he explains that breast cancer develops from cells in the breast.

The first suspicion of breast cancer arises when the doctor examining you feels a lump in your breast. In addition to that, this type of cancer can be suspected when a doctor finds an abnormal area during a screening mammography. The next step in diagnosing breast cancer Charlottewill be to do a biopsy of the suspicious area or lump in the breast. During this biopsy, the medical practitioner will remove some cells in order to examine in the laboratory. This examination will usually tell a doctor if cancer cells are present or not.

According to Dr. Gary Frenette and all doctors out there,a key factor you should always remember is that there are a lot of types of breast tumors and some of them are benign. Benign tumors are not cancerous and do not spread outside of the breast and generally they are not life threatening. Other tumors can be malignant, meaning cancerous. Out of all of these, the one called ductal carcinoma is between the most common types of breast cancer and begins in the lining of the ducts. The other most common type is called lobular carcinoma and it starts in the lobules.

There are different stages (measurements of the extent) of cancer and in order to assess the stage in which your cancer is there are a number of procedures that you will require to go through such as blood tests, chest x-rays, a mammography, a CT (computed tomography) or a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). The first stage of breast cancer means that the cancer is only in one place in the breast and it is fairly small (2 cm). The second stage means that the cancer has spread into the underarm lymph nodes. The other stages of cancer can be recognized by the further spread of the cancer, even to distant locations is the body like the liver, bones, lungs and so on.

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