Green colored vegetables like the Wheat grass, Spirulina,blue green algae, sea weeds, happens to be fall under our “not -so- favorite list” but these vegetables are packed with the required vitamins, minerals and the much required oxygenating pigment (Chlorophyll) which is needful for the human body’s blood circulation.


You can opt to make a smoothie of green vegetables and later you can notice that the intake of these green smoothies can make your internal body get detoxified and the external body on the other hand would also look clear and bright. Bright eyes and healthy immune is guaranteed when you regularly intake the green veggie smoothie at the start of every day.



It is a powerful anti-oxidant which is known to reduce macular degeneration stroke as well as heart disease. When it is mixed with apples, ginger, carrots it tastes good and every fussy child would not give a second thought when a tasty smoothie is made in a tasty way!


A wonderful greeny which is notable for having in it the rightful anti- inflammatory, anti- oxidants in it. Its even available in chips and this gives one the required vitamins C. K and A. Along with Kale the Brussels, sprouts, parsley and cabbage also contain the K vitamin. This vitamin gets your body firmness and the protection of bones, cancer , prevention of blood clots are all possible when this vitamin is found in right levels in the body. Bone health is well maintained in those lactose intolerant people when Kale is consumed in the rightful amounts.


When one suffers from anemia the immediate vegetable which is suggested by many doctors include the Parsley because it has got high iron content. Along with that it has got immune boosters like Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Beta Carotene .The much required vegetable needful for bright eyes Vitamin A is also got through the Parsley intake. Prevention of birth defects in pregnant women lowers the risk of cancer in people with cancer history and also gives foliates to improve immune.


This is a natural diuretic which detoxifies, eliminates excess water and also makes you re-hydrate if you have lost the moisture in body. Clean kidneys, painless joints prevention of cancer is all possible with the intake of cucumber.


Just like the cucumber this vegetable removes toxins .It also reduces cholesterol, removes stomach cancer, reduces acid levels in body.

A smart change in your life style can save your body and it can fill your body with excess of goodness you can never chance to say NO! Opt to include the above veg either in the form of salads, smoothie and in future you can be assured to get a detoxified and high energy body!

Though you can see some trapping weight loosing pills on the TV screen for showing the possibility to lose weight, but to be honest there is a doubt about such claims of these weight loss supplements.

Though the fatty acids like omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acid contents will help the role of the inter body metabolism system to improve than any other supplements can do.

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