How Long Will You Suffer Before Smoking Cigarettes Kills You

When you smoke cigarettes, chemicals will get in your system and it will effect you sooner or later. It can cause damage to your organs, tissue, muscles, bones, skin, and more. The smoke from the cigarettes carry chemicals that affect your body because eventually it damages and weakens your system and it can kill you. It can cause so many thing that cause you to be in pain. You can get cancer from smoking like in the lungs, pancreas, mouth, throat, and more places of the body.

It can cause you to have high blood pressure, your skin can age, your can get wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and you can get black circles under the eyes as well. It not only causes problems with your body, but others as well like your friends and family when you smoke around the, this is called second hand smoke. You can even hurt unborn babies too, it can cause them to have nerve damages, low birth weight, birth effects, and more. Smoking is a very bad thing to do and your health is so important for you, so why would you want to waste it and damage it?

Each cigarette has approximately 4000 chemical in it and the tar will stick to the walls of your lungs. It can be very hard to quit because you may think you need cigarettes and you will crave them after you have become addicted to them. Some people have to go see a doctor to help them quit and others can do it without much problem. Sometimes you can have professionals hypnotize you to help you out to make you think that you do not want to smoke. Sometimes it helps, but it depends on the person for it to work and it can cost you a lot. Doctors will tell you all the ways and things that you can use to quit and some work better than others.

The damages it can cause to you can slowly affect your life like by walking, breathing, thinking, living, and the functions of your body. It can cause you to cough, wheeze, breathing in shorter breathes, and your chest can feel like something is on it. Your teeth can change color from white to yellow, to brown and so can your fingers. Your teeth can fall out because it can decay the gum around them. It can kill your taste buds on your tongue and it can cause everything you eat to taste nasty. Have a good head on your shoulders and stop smoking before it causes too much damage to your body.

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