The role of vitamin C and its beauty effect

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid, is a water soluble vitamin. Vitamin C is very beneficial to human body, one of the important vitamins that the body can not lack. Meanwhile, vitamin C also helps skin whitening, is a good cosmetic raw material. We take a look at the role of vitamin C and its cosmetic effect!
Collagen synthesis requires vitamin C to participate, so lack of VC, collagen can not be normal synthesized, resulting in cell connection stopping. Human body composed of cells, cells linking them by intercellular substance, the key component of collagen is intercellular substance. Collagen contains 1/3 of the total body protein, to generate connective tissue, constituting the body frame. Such as bone, blood vessels, ligaments and so on, the strength of blood vessel wall have a great relationship with VC. Capillary is the smallest in all the blood vessels, the wall may be equal to the thickness of a cell, its strength, elasticity are determined by collagen which is responsible for connecting cells and have clay effect. When the body VC inadequate, capillaries easily broken, blood flow to adjacent tissue. This situation occurs in the skin surface, resulting in congestion, purple plaques; occurs in the body is caused by pain and joint swollen. Grave situation, in the stomach, intestines, nose, kidney and periosteum beneath may have bleeding phenomenon, and even death.
Healthy gums tightly wrap each tooth. Gingival is soft tissue, when lack of protein, calcium, VC is easy to produce gingival recession, bleeding. Can promote the cholesterol excreting, prevent cholesterol depositing in the arterial wall, can even dissolve the deposited plaque. Can protect other antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, prevent free radical damage to the human body.
Rich collagen helps to prevent the spread of cancer cells; VC antioxidation can against free radicals to damage cells and prevent cell mutation; blocking nitrite and secondary amines forming the strong carcinogenic nitrosamines. Someone has been dissected death cancer patient’s body found that their VC content is almost zero.
In the person’s life activities, to ensure the integrity of cells and normal metabolism is essential. To this end, glutathione and enzymes play an important role. Glutathione is a peptide composed of glutamic acid, cystine and glycine, in vivo have oxidation and reduction effect. According to glutathione supplier, it has two exists forms, namely the oxidized and reduced, the reduced plays an important role on ensuring the integrity of the cell membrane. VC is a strong antioxidant, which itself is oxidized and make the oxidized glutathione be reduced into reduced glutathione, so that play the role of anti-oxidation.
Leukocyte rich in VC, when the body infected, the VC in white cells was sharply reduced. VC can enhance the chemotaxis and deformation capacity of neutrophil, improve the sterilization capability. Promote the generation of lymphoblasts, improve the body to foreign and malignant cells recognize and kill, involved in immunoglobulin synthesized. Improve CI complement esterase activity, increased the generation of complement CI. Promoting the production of interferon, interfere with viral mRNA transcription, inhibit viral proliferation.
Human exposure to unusual stimuli, such as pain, cold, hypoxia, strong spirit stimulation, will lead to tense stress to resist abnormal stimulation. The state associated with a range of body reaction, including the sympathetic nerve, adrenal medulla and cortex hormone secretion increasing. Adrenal medulla secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine is transformed from tyrosine, in this process requires the involvement of VC.

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