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Keep it simple

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admin 14 January, 2010

The issue with chronic pain, is that there is much more problems than just the pain. That’s is why the whole life is so strongly affected. Just to think how many difficulties there can be with taking medications. Not only all pills are doing harm to the liver but sometimes mixing or overdosing can be really dangerous. Moreover to be up to date with the newest medicines is also a big deal. Very often, chronic pain is just one of couple of diseases. That is why very often depression knock to the door of people with chronic pain. There are times, when you feel weak, and not able to do basic housework. Then boredom is an often guests in our lives. Unemployed, unable to do simple things, how strong you have to be to take it easy? Not only we are getting annoyed about the pain we feel, but about the whole situation as well. And god, please keep us from the question “How are you?” Some of us are sick of complaining, some of us are sick of hiding everything inside. You can ask, where is the gold middle? With years I guess the answer is coming and it’s very individual case. How many of us were feeling like trials rabbits? That’s maybe strong word, but when your doctor was trying on you every new medicine available on the market, and some of them were good, some defiantly not, after how long time you started not to believe in those new treatments? Moreover, the never ending advises form our friends and family members, who really would like to help us, but all you this is “how the hell she can know how I feel?” We are slowly going aside form the public life.  Not only because we are not feeling able to go out tonight, but because of what is waiting there for us. What with active life? Did I say active? There is nothing like an active lifestyle if you are suffering form chronic pain for years. The biggest activities are vacuuming and cleaning dust. Of course everybody is telling us about the importance of exercises, but nobody tells how make the pain go away first, and then being able to move the body. Not only we have lack of energy but also lack of strong will to overpass the difficulties. So often what we are dreaming about is a good sleep, then there isn’t many places for other wishes. Not to mention that usually we are visiting many different doctors due to different illness what can be sometimes confusing as every specialist thinks he’s the best one. Shortly life gets very, very complicated. The list of exhausting actions is simply too long to present her, but just starting with taking care of our health.
During all this years I’ve learned that the simplest answers are the best. If we can make something easier, then lets do it. No need to lose more energy than minimum as our energy is worth like gold. There is one more important reflection that I’ve seen among the years. That we, adults with many problems should observe nature, animals and even small children, they all have a lot to teach us. There is no simplest way of doing something than it is done by my grandchildren. So why can’t I act in a similar way? To cut myself the effort and problems, it’s good to always look for the simplest solution.
It may sound little strange but I often watch my dogs with a kind of envy. Their life is so simple, full of joy and energy. After years of pain and disabilities, how I would like to scoot across the floor after a bath, rubbing my chin along the carpet or to roll around on my back or race across the room. I’m able just to lie down, and not move around on the floor any more. I just never frolic anymore. I have to say I missing it in a way. I would really like to be able to cavort, leap, jump or shake my body. Pretty funny to add to the wish lists dogs actions, but that is the truth. You see such happy and active creatures and you miss being so lively. What else I would like to take form my dogs? For sure the enthusiasm of welcoming. I really don’t remember when I was last time so happy that someone was coming with a visit. For sure my husband would like if I would be livelier when he gets back form home but it’s so much to ask. 
It’s been long time since my pain hit me for the first time, and somehow I think it’s the high time to learn how to live with it better than I have been doing it till now. The lesson could be learned form my family and my dogs, why not. They are full of positive energy and I can easily catch some simple instructions that they have to share. What I really need is to put into my life some more joy and enthusiasm. There is one more lesson I’ve learned form my little Mini-Schnauzer, Jake. If Jake gets more than one mini Milk-Bone at a time, he will bury them (in the sheets, in the carpet etc). However, if you give him only one at a time, he eats it with joy and waits for more. Thanks to him I saw how important is to deal with only one problem at a time. Each time I feel that there are too many things on my head at one time; I’m starting to look for a whole to dig some of them for later. That is really working well with me.
What can you learn form observing nature? If you realize how soon the winter goes away and refreshing spring comes it may cheer you up a lot. Spring is the best season for me; I can feel that something new is coming. Something that may be much better and easier than before. Sometimes winter takes more time, but still you know that there will be a point that it will end. That is really good side of the nature. It’s the same predictable as it’s not. Moreover, if you look carefully you’ll notice that nature is always in the forward gear, always planning for tomorrow. In our area we have these amazing wild foxgloves that sprout and grow to six feet tall. Such determination and will to survive is really something we can learn.
I mentioned my grandchildren. What can we, adults, learn form such small kids? For sure honesty, simple being and pure emotions. All in all, a small child is the most innocent creature in the world. His smile is always honest, and there is no pretending in his actions. They act in a simple way. They ask for food when they are hungry, they will say if they won’t like something you are offering them. They are honest. They are not shy or feeling embarrassment. There is such a big difference between the way people treat children and adults. Everybody is mostly very nice to children, what is an obvious thing. But what if we, adults, are treated like an inanimate object. For example at the doctor’s office. Wouldn’t it be great to stand up and say, “You are bad. I don’t like you. This body is mine! I’m going, and I’m not coming back, ever!” I guess if it wouldn’t bring a better feeling then it would be at least funny.
If you compare life of an adult with life of a kid, you can really start to envy children their not problematic life. Adults are so complicated, sophisticated, and difficult. The bad thing that childhood lasts for so short time, and pretty soon children, now teenagers and youth are turning to be even more difficult than the oldies.
All in all, when you feel that “the winter is too long” or you got “too many bones at one time” the best advise is to slow down and take a moment for yourself. Simply take a day off. Think of something that gives you pleasure and go for it, not much looking at the costs. I’m sure such a break will do you good. And after that maybe you will find some way to simplify the problem.

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