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by elle

Now that yoga is my full-time career once again, it means I need a new hobby.  After fiddling with a few other potential hobbies (including literally fiddling at the St. Louis Folk School) over the past few months, I believe I have found my new exciting hobby – Aerial Arts!

A few years back, I attended Aerial Circus Summer Camp at Aerial Dance Over Denver.  It was me, one other gal my age, a couple eight year olds and an Eastern European family (sidenote: I think the mother – who wore shorts so short that I saw things that can’t be unseen – mentioned at one point that the family had a trapeze hanging in their front room?).  I fell in love with hanging from the ceiling, but didn’t have the time or funds to invest any further at the time.

Once I moved out to the great Midwest last year, I found Bumbershoot Aerial Arts and have been taking classes off and on there for the past year now.  Over the past few months especially, I have been committing more time to more classes – and I can’t even begin to tell you how much my strength has grown in leaps and bounds over just a matter of eight weeks.

All of us students spot and support each other as we move through a number of ridiculous strength training exercises.  Hanging upside down is scary – but hanging upside down and doing strength-training can seem absolutely terrifying.  But when you’ve got friends on either side of you who are absolutely not going to let you fall on your head – you know you’re in good hands.

It’s an expensive hobby, don’t get me wrong – $200 for a set of eight weekly classes – but I am so happy the moment I step foot into the studio.  Whether it’s an open practice session and I get to watch the advanced students come practice their beautiful routines for the Student Showcase (which is April 19 and 20, by the way!), or in a fitness class where we’re all encouraging each other to do two more upside-down crunches from the trapeze, I feel absolutely supported – in more ways than one.

In fact, I love it so much that I am traveling to the Dominican Republic next Friday with Kerri Kresinski of Sweet Retreatsfor nine whole days of extensive aerial training.  I can’t wait to share with you my trip there and how the Aerial Arts community is on a bigger scale!

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