Kojima at it again, announcing announcements

Oh, Kojima-san, you wily son of a gun! Always seemingly throwing your fans a bone, until we get to the bone and realize it’s just some sort of cheap bone substitute, serving as a mere tease for the several bones you have comfortably resting in your hands. Some of which are, yes, also cheap bone substitutes, but we know that somewhere in there lies a beautiful truth yet to be revealed.

During the most recent edition of the Kojima Productions Podcast, Hideo regressed to the man we know and love by making bold proclamations while telling us little, if anything, at all. First and foremost, he announced that he would soon be dolling out announcements. One of them the week before E3 (see also: next week), and one during the show itself.

Making matters trickier though were the rest of his statements during the podcast, made in response to questions from the show’s many listeners. To sum it up, the announcements won’t have anything to do with Metal Gear Solid 5. They also won’t be made at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and definitely won’t be made in regards to a multiplayer mode in Metal Gear Rising. Speaking of Rising, Kojima revealed during the questioning that it wouldn’t see a release on November 1st, leaving plenty of room for the many other days on the 2011 calendar remaining. Oh, and don’t expect any ports of Metal Gear Solid 4, either. At least as it pertains to Sony’s upcoming handheld, the NGP.

Perhaps most Kojima-like of all statements was his brief affirmation that he would be doing something special next year for Metal Gear’s 25th Anniversary.

He’s done it again, I’m practically having violent convulsions as the anxious wait for this announcement takes full control over my being. Or are those convulsions the result of the Nanomachines slowly taking hold?





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