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Aided by new biochemical techniques and a vastly expanded understanding of immunology and neurochemistry, scientific studies reveal that mental and emotional stress is a primary factor in nearly all physical disease. These studies show that emotions, acting through the brain, can affect nervous system function, hormone levels, and immunological responses, thereby changing a person’s susceptibility to a host of organic illnesses.

In the early 1930’s, fifty years before any major research on stress-related disorders was done, Dr. Edward Bach, the renowned British physician and scientist, began to recognize that many of his patients’ illnesses seemed to be directly related to their various states of mind. He noted that anxiety, worrisome thoughts, even lack of self confidence so depleted the individual’s vitality that the body lost its natural resistance and became vulnerable to infection and other illnesses. Today current research supports these findings.

“To bring oneself back into harmony, back into balance, requires the development of a positive loving nature”, Dr. Bach said. Merely treating a disease does not deal with the root cause of the problem. Bach’s concern with the suppressive use of drugs and their side effects further convinced him that the answer was not to be found in the laboratory, but in nature. Following intensive research, Dr. Bach found that certain species of wildflowers, when picked at a certain time in their blooming cycles and prepared by methods he developed, optimized the healing qualities of the plant. During the research and development period each remedy was extensively tested and found to positively balance and alleviate a wide range of mental and emotional stresses.

Considered a major breakthrough, the Bach Flower Remedies have been used safely for over half a century with great success by a broad spectrum of health care professionals worldwide, including medical doctors, dentists, and psychologists, as well as the general public. The greatest value of the Bach Flower Remedies is in preventing disease before physical symptoms develop, though they are equally valuable in relieving the emotional problems that so often accompany illness. Bach Flower Remedies are unusually gentle and at the same time profoundly potent in their effect.

The Bach Flower Remedies are totally free of artificial additives and are chemically inert. Unlike many drugs, they do not suppress symptoms nor do they cause side effects. Bach Flower Remedies do not interfere with, and are not affected by any other form of medication a person might be required to take.

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